Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Definition of Irony

That would be me! For the last year and a half, the husband and I have been TTC. (That's trying to conceive if you're not into acronyms.) Obviously we have not had luck in doing so. So this is where it gets to be ironic. I'm scheduled to have surgery next month and obviously I cannot be pregnant. Today, after all those years, I FINALLY show definite signs of ovulation. After surgery it is not recommended to get pregnant for about two years, and assuming I'd even be able to get pregnant then (and would want to), with pregnancy being nine to ten months away, we are at least three years away from having another. If we even decide to have a third child that is. I still think it's crazy ironic that I went so long TTC and now that I am in a place where I shouldn't get pregnant, my body is pretty much saying "Let's do this!".

Somebody cue Alanis Morissette....

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Future Mrs. Kleinbriel said...

It's something to give a lot of thought to. I know Keith's ex had the surgery and then she wasn't able to have kids. Whatever you decide you're loved ones will stand beside you.