Sunday, May 22, 2011

Zoey's Turning Five!!

My little girl is turning five this week! Half a decade! It's been an amazing five years.

Newborn Hospital Photo

1 year old
2 years old
3 years old

4 years old
(Almost) 5 years old

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Early Childhood Education Poem

There are too many voids
So many indeed
And not enough people to fill the need
The children are calling
Saying 'Please show us the way.
Will you stand with us at the end of the day?'
There are so many fears and so much to do
But really, all it takes is a few minutes from each of you
Our systems, they are failing
And our funding is poor
What will they eat? Will they sleep on the floor?
Faith and hope emerge as we spread the word
Yes, I will help your little voices be heard
Join us today, as our future we embrace
No longer to be ignored in a political race
We stand together and unique is our bond
Parents and children, united and strong
Yes Lansing, we are here and you need to listen
We will not leave until we accomplish our mission
Our community is with us, They know what to do
They teach us and they guide us, the rest is up to you
Leaders, hear our cries and recognize our strife
Do not cut into our futures with your budgetary knife
We are the children of Michigan, knocking at your door
We will not sit silently in the corner anymore
We stand here today, with the Great Start Collaborative
We the children, the future, of this great nation