Saturday, June 19, 2010

So Pathetic

I find it so pathetic how something as little as a photograph can trigger a tidal wave of emotions.
Take this evening for example. My baby brother and his fiance just recently bought their first home. All of the family was there for their housewarming party. Someone had mentioned how they recently found a bunch of pictures from my daughter's first birthday party some years ago. She had to run back home for something and grabbed the pictures. She had mentioned that there was a picture in there that I may or may not have wanted to see. Of course I said I wanted to see it. I started looking through the pictures and I started to cry. First of all, it was just so crazy to see how much my little girl has grown through the years. I don't really remember her being so little. I look at her now and she's just such a big girl. Finally I get to THE picture. I started bawling. It was a picture of my grandmother who passed away nearly two years ago. I miss her so much every day. It's actually really strange timing because I've been thinking a lot about her and even having a couple dreams about her lately. I really do miss her. I was really happy to see the picture and see her so happy, but at the same time, it makes me really sad because she's no longer here. I will treasure this picture forever though. ♥♥♥


MyWorld said...

There's nothing pathetic about any of that. Is she letting you keep the pictures?

Amanda said...

Yes, definitely.

I guess it's not really pathetic. It was just so unexpected. I mean, I was all happy go lucky when we left for their party. I didn't figure I'd end up bawling like a baby while I was there. It was really nice to see her face again. My dad was at the party and he thought it was pretty neat to see his mama again. :)

Karla said...

Awww that's not pathetic... That is sweet, emotional, and thoughtful!