Thursday, May 6, 2010


A long time ago, when I heard the word 'shots' I would think of alcohol and fun. Now that I'm a parent, the word 'shot' taken on a whole new meaning. It means I have to restrain one child as he's poked and prodded while trying to make my other child stay calm. My daughter has a needle phobia. I can't blame her. I do too. But she is a screamer. She hates to see her little brother in any pain. She cries when he's poked, which scares him and makes him scream. Him screaming makes her think he's in a lot of pain so she screams even louder.

I have to take them for shots this morning. Wish me luck. I think by tonight I'll be ready for some shots of my own. And not the kind that poke you.


Heidi O said...

I am not looking forward to the shots for my two monkeys. I plan to do it when the oldest is at school and hopefully my husband and I can keep them separated for the shots part. ugh

Karla said...

Devin has his shots yesterday too. He did ok (despite screaming first, he was barely phased by the actual shots) but woke up with a 101* fever. How did Zoey do?