Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh Baby Baby!

I recently got some of the most exciting news ever. My best friend of over a decade is expecting her first child! Words cannot express how excited I am. I think I'm actually more excited for her than I would be if I were to find out I were expecting again. My friend and her boyfriend/future husband are going to be some amazing parents. That kid will be so lucky.

While I'm really excited, I'm also so jealous. I know I shouldn't be since I have two perfect kids, but I am thinking it would be nice to have another. I have always had fertility issues and can never get pregnant when I want to. (Not saying it was easy for my friend either.) I'm sick of having fertility issues. PCOS sucks. I am slowly coming to the realization that we will be a two kid family. I'm coming to terms with it. Even if I don't have any more kids, I'm very thankful to have the ones I do.

And in the mean time I get to spoil other people's kids. :)

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MyWorld said...

It took me a little while, but I've finally come to peace with having just our two kids. There are a lot of different things that factor into it for me, but I think if I were to find out today I was pregnant again, I'd be devastated.

Infertility does suck. There was a book I read once and it said something like "You know there's a problem if you can relate to a hard boiled egg."

One of my sisters has PCOS. I'm hoping it doesn't pose too much of a problem for her when they decide they're ready for kids. She'll be a good Momma.